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ESS Model

ESS Model

Search job boards and your internal database to identify suitable ‘Active Candidates’.

Identify ‘Passive Candidates’ and create a database of recruit-able candidates.

Filter advertising response generated from job boards, referrals, job fairs, traditional media, agencies etc.

Identifying and sourcing passive candidates from well defined list of targeted companies.

Conduct preliminary screening to ascertain interest, suitability, availability and fit.

Administer technical, aptitude and psychometric tests.

Managing job postings, resume formatting, reference checks etc.

Validate and update candidate information in your internal database.

Have qualified resumes sourced and ready for your in-house recruiting team to work on right at the start of their day.


At Arise Solutions, we provide permanent staffing services to our highly esteemed clients. Our deep understanding of every business, in addition to finding people with the same understanding and being well-versed with the latest technologies tops our priority list. 

We are one of the top employee leasing services in India, offering a cost-effective and efficient temporary staffing service to businesses all around. With Arise Solutions, our clients enjoy the flexibility of staff as we provide temporary staffing services.

At Arise Solutions, we offer the best staffing services that cater to both short-term as well as project-based staffing requirements of our clients. We strive to make the costs of employee administration as less as we can. 

We also works on ESS Model where we do active sourcing, passive sourcing, candidate screening, Recruitment Support, Database Upkeep and night works.

Through Employee leasing services, we help companies add people to their workforce without adding any administrative complexity. 

Turkey Recruitment projects are taken up by the companies which are looking for volume hiring across all the verticals at limited time frame. These sorts of requirement arises when a company is looking for a immediate mergers and acquisition or launching a new division in company 

Successful combination of client site, offsite and offshore models.